1. Each camper will be assigned to a team for the week​ and will participate in all camp activities with their team ONLY in an assigned location. This will allow our kids to remain in the same group the whole day. 

  2. Campers will eat lunch with their team ONLY in their teams designated area with cones spaced out to ensure proper social distancing. 

  3. There will be a designated/supervised area for the campers after drop-off in the morning and before pick-up at camps end to ensure proper social distancing. 

  4. There will be supervised/sanitized restrooms to be used during breaks and lunch, as well as on an individual need basis throughout the day. The restrooms will be sanitized multiple times a day and cleaned at the end of each camp day. 

  5. Gear will NEVER be shared between campers nor closer than 3ft, to ensure proper social distancing. In addition, all camp gear will be sanitized multiple times a day and cleaned at the end of each camp day. 

  6. There will be designated times throughout the camp day to sanitize our hands.

  7. All coaches/campers will be checked for a temperature each morning to ensure compliance with CDC health/safety guidelines. 

  8. All visitors must wear a face-mask when dropping off, picking up, or staying to observe.  

  9. Campers must be picked up promptly when camp ends. That is 4pm for all campers. We will offer a 10 minute "grace period" if you are running late, after which there will be a dollar per minute additional charge to be paid to a Camp Director the following morning upon arrival.

WHAT TO BRING (Campers will not be allowed to share gear with other campers.)

Each camper will be REQUIRED to have all of the following equipment labeled with the child's name.

  • Baseball Glove  

  • Baseball Hat & Pants

  • Hand sanitizer in bag (required)      

  • Water Bottle (plastic)  

  • Daily Lunch    

  • Proper Athletic Shoes    

  • Wear Sunscreen

  • Bat (required)

  • Helmet (required)

  • Jacket/Sweatshirt (if needed)

  • Protective Cup (recommended)

  • Face-mask (required) 


  • Focus on Individual Fundamentals

  • Daily Competitive Opportunities.  

  • Player Evaluation at Camp Conclusion

  • Free T-Shirt

  • Daily and Weekly Awards

  • Excellent Facilities and Equipment

  • Tremendous Fun and Excitement

  • Certificate of Completion



6242 E Carson St, Long Beach, CA 90808

'Home of Heartwell Baseball Inc.'